We are a Elite Team of mostly young, enthusiastic and empathetic, former cigarette smokers staffing ecig boutiques in several states (please see LOCATIONS & CONTACT INFO).  We opened our first store in April, 2013. Each store offers an array of the latest ecig pens, MODS, juices and accessories at customer friendly prices.

We want your business, and we want to enable YOU to quit smoking.




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we are committed to a proactive role in the  minimization of cigarette consumption and the reduction/elimination of smoking related disease.


We recognize the two primary sources of cigarette addiction: nicotine and the oral/tactile component.  Our products address both elements of the cigarette habit and offer an  effective alternative in the form of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES.

We operate boutique E-CIG stores in several states which offer a complete line of electronic cigarettes from ubiquitous disposables to deluxe, top tier, rebuildable MODS, and our staff is trained to to explore the duration and degree of each customer's cigarette experience and offer an appropriate transitional pathway to to a smokeless, healthier lifestyle through VAPING.


Please peruse our site, visit our stores, speak to our Vapor Team, and help yourself, or someone you hold dear, to a pastime that is "SMARTER THAN SMOKING".

 We ID, We Card! We say "No" to underage Vaping.


We have smoked cigarettes for 38 years.  no luck quitting with nicotrol inhaler or the prescription chantix.  with ecigs we haven’t smoked a cigarette...

E-CIGS have helped me save money, and better my breathing.  I got one because my mom has C.O.P.D. and has to quit, so I decided to do it with her…BM

I went from a pack and a half everyday down to just vaping.  I’ve been smoking for over 10 years, and with the ease and comfort of being able to vape, I felt all...

My E-Cig from UPTOWN has changed my life for the better!  No more stressed out days at work.  Always smiling and haven’t smoked a cig in over 4-5 months.  JB

Since using the e-cig, we no longer cough, food tastes better, we feel better overall.  Have tried many times and this is the only thing that has actually worked… C

After 15 years of smoking, e-cigs has changed my life from the bad habits.  Going on mhy 7th month off cigs and I feel totally better.  Alive because I changed to e-cigs to quit….C

My husband has smoked for over 12 years.  He has now been smoke-free for almost a year.  His overall health and well being is much improved as has my...

After smoking cigarettes for 5+ years & trying every possible method of quitting I bought my first e-cig.  Now, 3 months later, I am cigarette free.  My...

How vaping has helped me…. By NP

I started smoking at about the age of 14, seeing my parents and other family members smoking did have an...

I have smoked cigarettes since I was 14 years old (almost 10 years) and ever since I bought my e-cig a month ago I slowly stopped smoking cigarettes and...

I started smoking before I was 15 years old. Tried quitting many times. By 30 I had lung damage in both lungs. I started vaping in the fall of 2011 and cut ...

I smoked cigs for about 8 years.  I was smoking a pack a day easily.  I never thought I’d be able to quit by myself.  I tried many times but to no avail.  When I bought...

For those that don’t know, I am a newbie to the vapor scene.  I was hesitant and overwhelmed by the variety that I had heard of.  I took a chance and drove...

I wasn’t smoking for very long before I switched to E-Cigs, but before I learned about them I tried to quit several times.  I tried limiting myself to...

I started smoking cig when I was in high school.  I smoked for about a good 4 years.  But now I vaped for a year now.  Ever since I feel more healthy.  I...

I was a chronic smoker.  Ruined my life.  Then I met Sam P. and he introduced me to Vapor.  Saved my life.  AMEN….PF

Vaping changed my life in the following ways.  I used to be a hockey player for my entire life.  But I started to smoke cigarettes and my stamina went into...

My e-cig is probably the best investment I’ve made toward my health so far.  Not only it helped me completely quit for 5 months, it helped me not...

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The BIG RISK associated with cigarette smoking is, of course, lung cancer.  There are many other health risks as well.  These ailments are caused by the carcinogens present in cigarette smoke and by irritation from the smoke itself.


The ADDICTIVE component of cigarette smoke is NICOTINE.....BUT, nicotine IS NOT CARCINOGENIC.  It is what smokers crave, but it is merely a stimulant often equated with caffeine.  So the nicotine keeps the smoker smoking, while the numerous other elements do most of the physical damage over time.


Our TWO PHASE "BREAK THE HABIT " Program first addresses elimination of the most dangerous aspect of cigarettes - the smoke.  Once a smoker has made the switch to VAPING, he/she is free of the smoke, all those dangerous carcinogens, and the myriad health risks they impose.


The optional second phase of our program entails the systematic reduction of nicotine in the e- juice that is vaporized and puffed.  Vapers who are committed to eliminating their dependence on Nicotine may gradually step down their Nicotine levels until they reach Zero Nicotine.  At that point, any remaining addiction is simply a need to hold something.  The physical craving for Nicotine is gone. Our Vapor Team is prepared to coach smokers through cigarette withdrawal.

  1. I want to be as healthy as possible.
  2. I am, or my significant other is, pregnant
  3. Cigarettes have become just too expensive
  4. Nobody wants to kiss an ashtray
  5. My children deserve a better role model
  6. I don't want my hair, clothes, car smell like cigarettes


Any purchase of $50 or more

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